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How to Apply?

Please send an email to and include the Position Title and your Resume

How to Apply?

Please send an email to and include the Position Title and your Resume
Operations Research Analyst (SME)
Jobcode: CO-0416-001
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Job Type: Full-time/Contract
Number of hires for this role: 1
Start Date: Immediate
Job Summary:

 Supports HQ US Space Operations Command (SpOC)/S8Z as a contract staff member responsible for identifying and integrating Planning and Programming guidance, DoD and service strategies, and doctrinal changes as part of current integrated planning process (IPP) activities.   

Develop critical SAP/SAR inputs to HQ USSF’s strategic planning deliverables including integrated missions perspectives incorporating advanced mission concepts, prototyping, and enabling Science and Technology (S&T) for the Space Control mission area.   

Support capability life-cycle activities (under traditional and new rapid development/acquisition processes) to field critical Space Superiority capabilities contributing to DoD all-domain operations.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assist HQ USSF/S8Z planners in the development of products for each phase of the IPP.
  • Integrate concepts, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).
  • Propose, develop, and layout a warfighting framework for the Space Superiority mission, specifically in the Space Control area.
  • Provide quarterly training detailing the IPP. Develop, submit for government approval, and provide detailed training on each phase of the IPP at the start of the respective phase.
  • Provide training to the Space and Cyberspace Superiority government, Systems, Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) contractors and FFRDC personnel.
  • Assist HQ SpOC/S8Z planners as they develop and maintain the Space and Cyberspace Superiority portions of the Commands CFSPs (now the Resource Allocation Plan, which includes the Planning Choices) and appendices, including the types of infrastructure and enablers (Integration & Engineering) necessary to design, acquire, and operate the Space and Cyberspace Superiority missions. Identify and integrate Planning and Programming guidance, DoD and service strategies, and doctrinal changes in support of HQ USSF/S8 planning effort.
  • Work with organizations such as Joint Staff, USSPACECOM, USSTRATCOM, USCYBERCOM, DoD/OSD, SAF/HAF, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Space Operations Center (SpOC), 16th AF, SPOs/Centers (i.e. AF Rapid Capabilities Office, Space Rapid Capabilities Office), NRO, DIA, NSA, and other US agencies and mission partners to assist in understanding the Space Forces strategic priorities and direction.
  • Support planning integration events to include Air and Space Staff integration. Provide updated briefings and point papers to the Government.
  • Prepare/deliver briefings/talking papers aimed at integrating and gaining planning advocacy for the Space Superiority/Space Control mission. • Include a summation of key issues and recommendations to the Government.
  • Interact directly with both the Space Staff and Air Staff, NAFs, MAJCOMs, Unified Commands, Air Staff, and defense agencies to assist in identifying and defining operational deficiencies and to integrate total force capabilities.
  • Attend conferences and other technical exchanges and provide reports as required (including summations of key issues and recommendations).

Required Skills & Experience

  • 10+ years space operations experience including: 6+ years MAJCOM/Field Command headquarters experience
  • Experience working in classified (SAP/SAR) space environment
  • Experience with AF instruction documents and HQ SpOC supplements, using AFSPC and HQ USSF tool sets (e.g., TMT/NGeS, and MS Office)
  • Comprehension of preparation, development, review, and coordination processes with documents and deliverables across all security levels (Unclassified, Secret, TS/SCI, SAP/SAR).
  • US Citizen
  • TS/SCI (SAP/SAR eligible day 1)
  • Willing to take and pass a polygraph


  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off