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Senior Space Science, Technology, and Innovation Planning Integration Analyst 

Jobcode: CO-0110-035

 Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Job Type: Full-time/Contract
Number of hires for this role: 1

Overall Assignment Description:

Subject Matter Expert supporting development of US Space Force (USSF) planning and programming products consistent with force design strategies. Supports staffing actions (e.g., process, procedures and policy reviews) and provides recommendations. Supports the integration of Space Operations Command (SpOC) Capabilities across the SpOC Mission Area Teams (MATs), Deputy Commanding Generals (DCGs), and Space Program Offices. 

Focuses on space Science and Technology (S&T), experimentation, demonstration, prototyping, and innovation activities by working directly/closely with space capability, S&T, and Innovation development and management mission partners, program offices, internal, and other external organizations. Participates in activities associated with Space and space-relevant Cyber capability, S&T and Innovation processes with a focus on ensuring integrated technology and innovation needs across all security classification levels and existing & emerging missions.

Contributes to the authorship of USSF planning products regarding the importance of S&T to meeting Force Design options and requirements. Coordinates with the appropriate MAT team leads, S&T Capability Collaboration Team (CCT), and/or Delta Combat Development Team (CDT) as required. Participates in assessments of S&T capabilities through new applications of fielded capabilities.

In collaboration with S&T development community partners, supports PPBE and Financial activities. Assists in formalizing USSF and SpOC advocacy for critical space-supporting S&T activities. In close coordination with Program Element Monitors (PEMs), Space Warfare Analysis Center (SWAC), acquisition and development centers, assists in building and gaining USSF-wide coordination on annual POM products for the space S&T portfolios. Orchestrates SAP annual Applied Technology Council (ATC) and quarterly Advanced Concepts and Missions Process (ACMP) and drafts decision briefings for senior leadership.

Required Skills

     · Able to work with, and appropriately protect, classified and proprietary information

    · Able to review analytic products and provide adequate support for recommendations and conclusions

    · Excellent attention to detail and strong communication skills (position requires direct contact with senior Air Force and DoD leadership)

Required Experience

    · 10 years of experience in Space Control missions requirements, planning/programming, and/or acquisitions

    · Previous experience Headquarters-level staffing processes

    · Previous experience working in SAP/SAR environment


    · MA/MS (12+ years relevant experience may substitute)


    · Must possess active TS/SCI clearance; be SAP/SAR eligible


  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off

How to Apply?

Please send an email to and include the Position Title and your Resume