Phil Ryan is the Co-President of PRKK and is primarily involved with space architecture synthesis and analysis development, military utility, protection and vulnerability, threat and survivability performance modeling. Mr. Ryan was the Space Control Architect for the Department of Defense Principal Deputy Space Advisor (PDSA) and the PDSA liaison to Air Force Space command. He has specific experience in space systems,




Jeff Qualls is PRKK’s Director of Intelligence Programs and Staffing. Mr. Qualls is a retired USAF Intelligence Professional with more than 37 years of experience supporting the Air Force and IC with SIGINT, MASINT, all-source Intelligence, collection, analysis, production, collection management, requirement development / management, Special Technical Operations, cross program analysis, Intel architecture development and 

Laura Bellamy is PRKK’s Director of Contracts. She oversees the evaluation, negotiation and execution of all contracts across PRKK’s portfolio of programs. Her primary duties include establishing and maintaining Customer and Supplier relationships, serves as a single point of contact for matters related to contracts, and monitors and presents all contract related-matters to PRKK’s stakeholders and leadership team. Prior to PRKK, Ms. Bellamy was a


David Meteyer is PRKK’s General Manager and leads all aspects of the company’s business. In addition to overseeing PRKK’s P&L and overall financial stability, he develops key technical and operational stratagems that drive PRKK’s success and mentors the PRKK workforce to maximize customer satisfaction. Mr. Meteyer was previously the Program Manager for the Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO) Gallant Fox I and II contracts & the 


Marty Bellamy is PRKK's Director of Finance where he oversees the execution of the company’s financial activities to ensure PRKK’s financial objects are met. His primary duties include managing profit/loss, financial forecasting, expense and aging reports, and implementing company financial policies. Prior to PRKK, Mr. Bellamy held multiple roles where he was responsible for communicating financial results 

Terri Saunders is PRKK’s Director of Human Resources.  She administers all Human Resources activities for PRKK.  Her duties include employee benefits management, timecard and record keeping, new hire onboarding, EEOC & Affirmative Action compliance, and general human resource concerns. Prior to PRKK, Ms. Saunders managed a leading brokerage firm’s portfolio of agents and transaction coordinators, onboarding, and 


Brandon Cuffe is PRKK’s Director of Western Region Operations and SCO’s Field Representative to USSPACECOM. He provides new business and operations support for the USSF, USSPACECOM, DoD, and IC customer bases in the western region of the United States. Mr. Cuffe has more than 27 years of active duty and civilian experience in Air Force, Space Force, Joint, DoD, and IC operations - including ISR, Special Technical 

Keith Thompson is PRKK’s Director of New Business. He leads PRKK’s business development activities with a focus on OASIS Pool 1 and 3 Small Business opportunities. Mr. Thompson is a retired USAF Space Professional with 39-years of experience supporting the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community in operations, acquisitions, systems engineering and leadership. He has served as Chief 

space situational awareness, Information Operations, all-source characterization of the space environment, space threat assessments, orbital mechanics, spacecraft and ground operations, modeling and simulation, software development, architecture development, and systems engineering and analysis processes. Mr. Ryan received his MS in Engineering Physics and his BS in Physics from the University of Oklahoma.




Keith Kozlowski is the Co-President of PRKK and is primarily involved with space architecture synthesis, military utility, space systems, information warfare, protection, threat, survivability, and providing guidance to large analysis efforts and red teaming architectures and countermeasures. Mr. Kozlowski has been involved in the modeling, simulation, analyses, and experimental aspects of a wide range 

of fluid mechanics, thermal environments, laser material interaction, and weapons effects analysis. He has been intimately involved in the analysis and design of Soviet-style strategic offensive and defense suppression countermeasures to space systems architectures. Mr. Kozlowski received his MS in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and his BS in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University.


Space Security and Defense Program’s (SSDP) Threat Analysis and Space Protection concept development activities. Mr. Meteyer is a retired USAF Space Professional and Weapons School graduate with more than 30 years of experience supporting the DoD and IC. Mr. Meteyer received his MBA from the University of Montana, a MA in National Defense Policy from the Naval Post Graduate School and a BS in Aerospace Studies & Business Administration from Oregon State University.



Operating Officer for ITSC Secure Solutions and Director of Program Management for SAIC. Mr. Thompson has an MS in Systems Management from Golden Gate University, a BA in Mathematics from The Citadel and completed an executive leadership course at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.


planning/programming for Intel systems to support space capabilities. Mr. Qualls received his BS in Organizational Management from Colorado Christian University and an AA in Communications Technology from the Community College of the Air Force.


Operations, Space and Counterspace planning, Joint Combat and Air Operations, capability development, and DoD planning and programming. Mr. Cuffe has an MS in Systems Engineering, an MS in Management (IT & PM), and an MBA in Technology Management from Colorado Technical University and a BS in Biology from the US Air Force Academy.


Senior Account Manager for a Fortune 1000 Company where she managed the Company’s Top-tier client relationships including Contracts and Invoicing. Ms. Bellamy has an BA in Management of Information Systems from University of Oklahoma.


including Budget and Operating Plan performance for a Fortune 1000 company. Mr. Bellamy has an BA in Management of Information Systems from University of Oklahoma.


ensuring contract compliance. Ms Saunders has a BA in Mass Comm/Advertising from Sioux Falls College.