Phil Ryan

Phil Ryan is the Co-President of PRKK and is primarily involved with space architecture synthesis and analysis development, military utility, protection and vulnerability, threat and survivability performance modeling. Mr. Ryan was the Space Control Architect for the Department of Defense Principal Deputy Space Advisor (PDSA) and the PDSA liaison to Air Force Space Command. He has specific experience in space systems, space situational awareness, Information Operations, all-source characterization of the space environment, space threat assessments, orbital mechanics, spacecraft and ground operations, modeling and simulation, software development, architecture development, and systems engineering and analysis processes. Mr. Ryan received his MS in Engineering Physics and his BS in Physics from the University of Oklahoma.

Keith Kozlowski is the Co-President of PRKK and is primarily involved with space architecture synthesis, military utility, space systems, information warfare, protection, threat, survivability, and providing guidance to large analysis efforts and red teaming architectures and countermeasures. Mr. Kozlowski has been involved in the modeling, simulation, analyses, and experimental aspects of a wide range of fluid mechanics, thermal environments, laser material interaction, and weapons effects analysis. He has been intimately involved in the analysis and design of Soviet-style strategic offensive and defense suppression countermeasures to space systems architectures. Mr. Kozlowski received his MS in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and his BS in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University.

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Keith Kozlowski

Jeff Qualls

Dave Meteyer

Jeff Qualls is PRKK’s Vice President of Intelligence Programs. He is primarily involved with Air Force Space Command, 25th Air Force and National Intelligence Community ISR support to Space/Counterspace system life-cycle activities. Mr. Qualls is a retired USAF Intelligence Professional with more than 37 years of experience supporting the Air Force and IC with SIGINT, MASINT, all-source Intelligence, collection, analysis, production, collection management, requirement development/management, Special Technical Operations, cross program analysis, Intel architecture development and planning/programming for Intel systems to support space capabilities. Mr. Qualls received his BS in Organizational Management from Colorado Christian University and an AA in Communications Technology from the Community College of the Air Force.

Dave Meteyer is PRKK’s Vice President of Space Programs. He currently leads a select team of Space, Cyber and Special Operations technical and operational SMEs for the DoD. Previously, he led the Space Security and Defense Program’s (SSDP) Threat System Analysis and Space Protection concept development activities. Mr. Meteyer is a retired USAF Space Professional with more than 28 years of experience supporting the DoD and IC with missile operations, missile warning, space situational awareness, space and counterspace operational planning, Special Technical Operations, physics-based modeling and simulation and large cross-domain studies and analysis. Mr. Meteyer received his MBA from the University of Montana, a MA in National Defense Policy from the Naval Post Graduate School and a BS in Aerospace Studies & Business Administration from Oregon State University.